Our services

Jossyshy Limited provides the following services:



Our Maritime Consultancy provides a one-stop centre for a multiple of maritime work advice and data. Our services include providing advice on ship Chartering and Technical aspects of ship-owning such as vessel financing, advice on crewing, Insurance, maintenance etc. We work with a range of clients including maritime investors, ship owners, underwriters, financial institutions and other clients with the goal of helping them achieve cost effective and expeditious results with our qualified expertise.

Also Jossyshy is committed to improving Africa Maritime Standards through organized lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops and industry reports that will bring about a positive impact in all sectors of the continent’s maritime industry.



Jossyshy is a leading player in the global export market with business operations covering the export of several highly profitable products including Charcoal, Sesame seeds, Cashew nuts, Kola nuts, Palm kernel, Ginger etc. Over the years we have built a credible pool of international clients for our exports in Europe and we are working at reaching new markets in the United States and Asia.